The following Factsheets, advice and answers to common queries may help you to resolve (or contain) maintenance problems without the need to report the problem to John Goodwin.

If the below guides do not solve your maintenance queries, the questions should help you gather as much information as possible before reporting your concerns by contacting us.  This will also help us diagnose the problem quickly and dispatch the relevant contractor to attend within appropriate timescales. In the instance that your property is not managed by John Goodwin FRICS, please contact your landlord directly.

Please note that John Goodwins management of the property does not extend to odd jobs which, as a tenant, you will be expected to undertake yourself. These include replacing light bulbs or electric fuses, unblocking sinks (when blocked by your waste) and tending garden areas.

White goods not working

Is there electricity supply going to the appliance?
Have you checked the fuse box/trip switch?
Have you checked the fuse in the plug for the appliance?
Have you tried the appliance in another socket?

Hob – is it gas or electric? Is the appliance built in or free-standing? Are there other rings on the hob that work? Which one(s) is not working? What is the make and model number?

Oven – is it gas or electric? Is the appliance built in or free-standing? Is it the grill or oven element or both that is not working? What is the make and model number?

Fridge/Freezer/Fridge Freezer – is the appliance built in or free-standing? Which part is not working? What is the make and model number?

Washing Machine/Dryer/Washer Dryer – is the appliance built in or free-standing? Which part is not working? What is the make and model number?

Q. The oven has stopped working?
A. Please ensure that the clock/time is set and check the switch on the wall is on. If you have checked these and your oven still does not work please contact us.

Q. The Dishwasher is not cleaning crockery properly?
A. Ensure salt and rinse aid is topped up; clean the blades and remove any blockages from the filter. Use cleaning fluid regularly as advised by the product manufacturers.

Q. The Fridge Freezer is not keeping food items cold/frozen?
A. Check temperature dial is set to around 3. Move food items away from the back of the fridge this will allow the temperature to circulate more freely. Freezers need to be defrosted regularly to maintain the correct temperature.

Q. Washing machine not draining properly?
A. Also check soap dispenser and filter to remove blockage; don’t fill the drum full, please evenly distribute the weight. Refer to user manual in your welcome pack if provided or on line.

Smoke Alarms

Tenants are advised to check alarms regularly and notify their landlord or agent if they identify any problems.

Q. My smoke alarm is beeping?
A. Your battery is running low and needs replacing. 


  • Note that clearing blocked waste outlets, traps and pipes to the kitchen sink, bath, washbasins, etc. is your responsibility as a tenant. If a contractor is dispatched, you will be recharged the cost of attending to any blockages if it is found to have been caused by your negligent actions, e.g. flushing of nappies, disposal of food waste.
  • Toilets – is it the only toilet on the premises? Have you attempted to flush it with a bucket of water? Have you attempted to unblock it with a loo brush or a domestic cleaning/clearing agent, etc.?
  • Showers, baths or sinks – have you attempted to unblock it with a domestic cleaning/clearing agent, is there other means of washing available in the property?
  • Drains – is damage being caused? Is it causing a Health & Safety problem? Is it preventing the use of the toilet?

No heating

  • Is the heating system gas or electric? If electric, have you checked the fuse box/trip switch?
  • Do you still have hot water?
  • Are all the radiators affected or is it only specific ones? If so, in which rooms?
  • Do you have a token/card meter? Do you have credit?
  • Is there a leak from any part of the heating system?

Q. One of my Radiators is not warming up?
A. Probably air is blocked in the system.  You will need to use a radiator key (if you do not have one these can normally be purchased from supermarket or hardware store). The lock to the top side of the radiator can be turned gently to release the air, as soon as water comes out you need to close the lock.   Visit our How to Guides.

Gas Leaks

Have you called the National Grid (formerly Transco) on 0800 111 999? They should attend to isolate the meter and make safe in the first instance.

Does this result in a lack of heating?

Does this result in a gas cooker or gas fire not working? If so, are there alternative cooking/heating facilities available?

No Hot Water

  • Is it a gas boiler or economy 7 (electric)? If electric, are you able to get hot water from the boost button?
  • Do you still have heating? If not, see ‘No Heating’.
  • Do you have other means of washing, e.g. electric shower?
  • Do you have a token/card meter? Do you have credit?

Lack of power supply

Is it a complete loss of supply or is only a certain area that is affected?

Have you checked the fuse box/trip switch?

Were you using an electrical appliance at the time the power supply was lost, e.g. kettle, toaster, and iron?

Have you checked with neighbouring properties or with the electricity supplier to determine whether there is a general power cut?

Could you have been cut off by the electricity supplier due to unpaid bills or failure to pay for connection?

Do you have a token/card meter? Do you have credit?

Q. The lights are not working?
A. If it’s one light, check the bulb and replace if required. If its lots of lights that are not working, check the fuse box as something may have tripped.  If one of the switches is down, switch it back up. If you experience further problems please contact us.

Q. Appliance tripping the electrics?
A. Before going to the fuse box, first unplug all items that have a plug, everything including TVs, lamps, fridges and reset fuse box.  Plug/turn items back on one and a time to determine which appliance is causing the problem.

Total lack of water supply

Have you checked with the water supplier to determine whether works are being carried out in the area?


Where is the leak coming from?

How bad is the leak? Dripping? Pouring? Gushing?

Is the leak causing damage?

Is the leak penetrating an electrical fitting?

Is the leak containable?

Have you been able to isolate the leak by turning the water off at the stopcock or gate valve?

If the leak is coming from a property above or adjacent, have you contacted the occupants? What is their flat number and contact details?

Damage to roofs

Where is the damage to the roof?

Is the damage hazardous? e.g. risk of slates falling on to a public highway?

Downpipes & gutters

Where on the building is the damaged downpipe/gutter?

Is water entering the building causing major damage?

Is there a loose part that is dangerous and cannot be made safe?

Broken windows

Was the damaged caused by you? If so, the cost of repair will be recharged to you.

If the damage wasn’t caused by you, have you notified the police and obtained a crime reference number?

Is the damaged glass dangerous?

Is the window on the ground floor? Or any other place likely to make the property vulnerable to criminals?

Lock outs

Have you lost your key or locked the key inside the property? Is so, you should call a local locksmith, at your own expense.

Infestation of Vermin

Rats, mice, bees, wasps, ants, bed bugs…. Your tenancy agreement states “To take all reasonable precautions to prevent infestation of the Premises and to pay for the eradication of any infestation caused by the negligence, action or lack of action of the Tenant, his family or his visitors”.   

The following companies can be contacted Malvern Hills District Council, Hereford City Council or Positive Environmental Pest Control, they will charge.


  • RICS
  • The Guild of Property Professionals
  • NAEA
  • ARLA


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